Dusten will coach you into your own success story! Fat loss & body transformation through custom training, nutritional planning, and remote coaching all via the magic of the internet!

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Nutritional Planning and Healthy Eating don't mean you gotta' choke down tasteless cardboard! You can Eat Like A Human!


WBFF Pro Dusten Nelson brings you the World Beauty Fashion & Fitness Chicago Show! Follow our upcoming Competitors and Transformers!

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It's a bird! It's a plane! It's... wait... that ain't right. Think "wetter" and check back in May for this legendary update!


Some of the stuff that Dusten thinks up... I tell ya'. It's weird enough to be cool, so we put it on t-shirts and other stuff just for you!


Follow Dusten through workouts, eating experiences, and a bunch of other crazy daily shenanigans. That's right... shenanigans!


Dusten Nelson = Fitness Pro • Training Guru • Nutritional Expert • Chinese Medicine Practitioner • Industry Advisor • Entrepreneur • Model and More... Now Sponsored by Optimum Nutrition: ON!

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