100 Days to the stage!

We are 100 days out from the WBFF Chicago show at the Harris theater, Saturday, July 18th. We have a great team preparing for this amazing event and I could not be more excited to be a part of this show as a competitor or a coach.

My daughter passed along a nasty flu bug to me early in the week knocking me off the training schedule for a few days. I started to get tracked down Monday evening- minutes after I trained legs and a few hours before my fever spiked to 102.9 f.

Needless to say, my training in the past two days has been non existent and my nutrition has been just as bad.

It feels like I’m rounding the corner today. I am getting my appetite and energy back which allowed me to sneak in shoulder training session then knocked down 5 oz of rice and 5 oz of pulled chicken.

I am hoping to make it back to the gym for a few set of chest and triceps training this afternoon and get back on my nutrition plan tomorrow to give me some sort of normalcy. Until then, I going to try to grind it out and make a little bit of progress here and there as I try to get back in stride.

Today’s shoulder training looked like this:

A. Lateral raise 4×8 ds

B. Incline rev db fly 4×8-12 ds

C. Reverse neutral grip cable fly 4×8 ds

D. Supinated grip cable tri extension 4×8 ds

E. Seated Pro grip db shoulder press 4×10 RM rest pause

Being sick and training:

Being sick when you are prepping for a show adds a whole layer of head vs heart stress.  You already don’t feel good about yourself; look like hell and just curl into a ball, while tucking into some slutty carbs – which is a problem in-and-of itself for those of us not using “gear” to keep us lean – and then you add the mental stress of feeling like you are falling the pace of a goal that means a lot to you and it’s easy to get carried away and make bad decisions.

This is where you must use your head, get some rest and make rational decisions to expedite your recovery – In short – this is where your coach comes in – they need to talk some sense into you and make sure you don’t do anything stupid.

In my case – this meant talking myself into taking herbs (wu ling san and gan mao ling), resisting the urge to eat the “dirty carbs’ while getting enough starch or as the Chinese would say – “Spleen/Stomach” tonifying and drying foods to help your recover. For me this meant rice, rice cakes, garbanzo and black beans as oppose to…well you can use your imagination (insert the image of your favorite comfort food here)

Long story long – it’s never fun to be sick, less so when training for a show. Fortunately, I have 100 days to try to make back those gains I gave back early this week and plenty of team mates around to give me the support I need.

Have a great day!