12 weeks tomorrow

This has been an exciting week. We continue to document our #100daysofkenneth project on our Journey to the Stage – July 18th at the Harris Theater with the WBFF Chicago and are continually amazed by the tremendous support and feed back.

Your messages on facebook, instagram and e-mail truly provide motivation we use to get through these grueling training sessions and we need all the motivation we can get – so thank you and keep the messages coming.

This week was a challenge for most of the team members; myself included. We are one-third of the way through our show prep and though visible changes appear daily, the physical and mental toll of the daily grind is beginning to leave its marks.

Aches, pains, and fatigue – both mental and physical – are common now. There is no getting around it, it’s just part of the process – but it’s the part of the process where people often veer off the path and wander in the woods.

This is where a coach and a plan come in handy. We need to avoid the “transformation bends” – when feeling tired, confused and defeated by day-to-day fluctuations can let that little voice in your head start doubting itself.

This happens with most people at some point during a transformation and can result in the complete derailment of the goal. The difference between those who succeed and those who dive head first into a sheet cake never to be heard from again may not be as complicated as you might think.

Here are 3 tips to avoid running off the tracks and derailing a transformation goal:

1. Get good night sleep – There is nothing better to recharge the mental and physical jets than a good night sleep. If your feeling raw, allow yourself to shut it down, you have been working hard physically and need to balance the Yang activity of training with the Yin activity of sleeping.

2. Have a cheat meal – Eat something for enjoyment to make you feel like a human and not a feeding machine. But keep it to one meal and try to do it on the same day you have a good intense training session. Stay away from alcohol, but everything else food related is fair game…even the sheet cake.

3. Over plan food prep and training for the week ahead – Nothing reduces anxiety associated with a transformation process like planning. If your meals are prepped and your sessions are scheduled it will allow you to put your mental focus in to executing the session as opposed to the logistics of the session.

Take comfort in the plan, and realize that the transformation will not occur all at once but through consistent action over the long haul – even a scheduled detour like a cheat meal may deliver faster results in the end if it improves focus and drive to execute the plan at hand –  but they must be earned.

Here is how we earned our cheat meal today give it a try:

4 Sets – no planed rest between exercises, 120 seconds between sets and I added drop sets on the final set.

A1. Dumbbell lateral raise 8-10

A2. Neutral grip dumbbell shoulder press 8-10

A3. Low to high reverse cable fly 10-12

A4. Military press 8-10

A5. Seated face pull 15

A6. Lean away barbell lateral raise 8-10

A7. Upright rope row 15

A8. Arnold press 8-10

A9. Reverse dumbbell fly 8-10

A10. Cable lateral raise behind the back 10-12

B. Incline rope crunch 8 sets 15 rep

C. Hanging leg raise 4 sets 20 rep

Enjoy and have a great weekend!