14 days!

Only 2 weeks left! Things are moving fast and furious as we prepare for the Atlantic City stage. We are training everyday and checking the logistical details off the list one-by-one. It’s a strange feeling being only two weeks out; on one hand it feels like time is moving so fast and we still have so much progress to make to reach the goal, on the other hand, the increase in training activity with reduction in calories is draining and we are glad we only have 14 days left of show prep to endure.

That also means we only have 14 days to reach our fundraising goal! We appreciate everyone that has stepped up to the plate with a donation to help fight childhood obesity – but we still have some ground to cover to reach our $3,000 fundraising goal.  I know with your help we can reach the goal and complete the Journey to the Stage together. Every dollar counts so click the link below to donate.


Food & Training:

Yesterday was my last re-feed before the show and finally got 8 hours of sleep (not easy to do with a toddler in the house). Today I am back to a caloric deficit and two training sessions. I did a 30 min fasted cardio session around 9 am and I’m planning on heading to the gym this afternoon to do the following training session:

4 Sets

A1. Back squat 15 rm drop sets

A2 Ring chin AMRAP

A3 ROM Dead lift 12 rm drop sets

A4 Incline chest press 15 rm drop sets

A5 Rope crunch 20

3 sets

B1 Decline cable fly 15 rm drop set

B2 Cable curl 12 rm drop set


Thank you to all of you for your support!

Dusten & Mal