28 Days out: Fundrasing!

It was a busy weekend full of shows, training and photo shoots. I tried to post this over the weekend but ran out of time so I will try to post twice today.


As many of you know my teammate, Mallory Wendt and I are using the 30 days leading up the WBFF show in Atlantic City on December 6th as an opportunity to raise money for A partnership for a healthier America – to fight childhood obesity. We are attempting to raise $3,000 in 30 days and if we do we will put ourselves out there on the WBFF stage. I want to thank the WBFF & A partnership for a healthier America for their support and providing us this opportunity. We appreciate every dollar donated, regardless the motivation – as one person put it;

“I’ll donate because there’s no way I going to miss an opportunity to see  you standing on stage in mystic tan and a thong!”

Whatever it takes! Mallory and I are passionate about this cause and are grateful for the opportunity to raise money for this worthy organization. Please help us reach our fundraising goal by clicking the link below and donating what you can:


We will be posting daily updates on the fundraiser, photo shoots and other parts of the process for the next 30 days! Thank you again for all of your support!

Other happenings this weekend:

As I mentioned it was a weekend filled with training sessions, photo shoots and two amazing WBFF shows in Providence & London. I am planning a second post this afternoon to update all things training, nutrition and show prep but until then have a great day!