39 days: Sub 40

Sub 40!…Kinda, it’s not sub 40 mm but it does put the pressure on. Today we managed to get registered for the show and are looking at booking some photo shoots while in Atlantic.

Each step in the process makes it feel more real, more exciting and at the same time more daunting. Through all the details around the show, the training and nutrition needs to be as steady and consistent as can be, an odd juxtaposition, the grind of the training actually begins to be a comfort amidst all the external stressors – I doesn’t make it any easier, just more of an uncomfortable comfort. Speaking of, time to go get the second leg session in.

Today’s Training:

First session: 50 min

A1 Barbell back squat 5×5

A2 Glute ham raise 5×6

B1 Cyclist squat 4×8

B2 Leg press 4×8

B3 Toe press 4×8

B4 Leg extension 4×8

Second session: 30 min

A1 Front squat

A2 Leg press

A3 Leg extension

A4 Sled drag

A4 kettle swing