40 days: And 40 nights

Feeling a bit under the weather today but managed to get my training, client sessions and a few productive meetings in the books. I am still seeing movement on my supra illiac reading, down to 5 mm today and hoping to continue that progress on the march to the 40mm club.

I am going to hit the herbs hard tonight to try and avoid getting sick. This is the point where split training gets hard, you’re already tired and now fighting something off but can ill afford missing training days – so what do you do?

In my case I’m thinking of putting my best foot forward and thinking of representing myself, my friends, my family, all those people that have supported this process in some way shape or form in the best way possible. Today that means struggling though another session but my hope is I will be able to enjoy the hard work in the near future.

I’m starting to get more excited about the event but also know how much work is left to do before I reach the goal, this is why we say it’s so important to enjoy the process, months of work for a few min of fun on stage or in front of a camera for a shoot. Fortunately I am training with some great team members and have a great support group coming to share the experience. On days like today, it’s the thought of all the people in your corner that keep you going. So thanks for the push!

Have a great night