41 Days out: Fashion & Prep

As usual, Monday’s are my off day from training, did Qi Gong, and Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) cardio this am, refilled my herbal formulas and have food prepped for the week.

I will be offering a handful of proprietary and custom herbal formulas on the new store, and am currently using one of both, which in my opinion is why I have been able to drop a few stubborn readings.

I’m going to continue on the same program for another week and then really focus on dropping my caliper readings a low as possible but my supra iliac reading did make it two 5.5 yesterday which is low for me. I don’t think it’s been that low in 10 years the bad news is it’s going to have to go lower if I want to reach my goal.

A day off  from training also allowed me some time to work on the some of the show details like travel, hotel room and the fashion aspects. I did some shopping this weekend and still have some items to pull together but it’s great to live in a city like Chicago with so many options.

Mallory, one of my teammates on the Journey to the Stage is also going through the fashion process at the moment, a more daunting task for the women I’m sure but I like the pieces she has pulled together so far.

I had a chat with Shaun Stafford today who knows a thing or two about prepping for WBFF shows, he is getting ready for the big London show in two weeks and had some helpful comments for a stage newbie like me. One of the biggest draws to the WBFF as a league is the fashion component and the marketability – so we might as well put as much preparation and planning into the fashion as we do the nutrition and training – we shall see how it turns out. Again thank you for all the support and kind words.