47 days out: Yikes!

Seeing that number under 50 days really puts the pressure on! I have been feeling a bit fatigued over the past two weeks so I started taking an additional herbal formula to give me a boost – We shall see if it helps.

My meal planning has been going well (6 meals a day plus a shake on training days) though I am sure the real challenge will come when I start cutting at the end of the month. As someone who loves food and loves a lot of it, I have to be honest I am a little nervous about the cutting process. But for now, I am just trying to be consistently consistent and continue to make progress. My posing coach say’s she is seeing changes and if I’m honest I can see changes too, but I am not where I would like to be when I step on stage which can create some cruel mental stress with the whole process. You can’t do it over night, it takes time, so just do what’s on the plan each day and stick with it – It’s part of the journey.

I have been practicing my posing which is an exercise in patience and humility – Want to feel not so great about yourself? go put your underwear on, stand in-front of a mirror and try to find a position that make you look good – Oh I’m sure you can find a pose or two that are attractive but getting there is like driving a stick shift for the first time – kinda jerky and unpleasant to watch – “If you can’t find it…grind it”

Speaking of “grinding it” I did a low intensity steady state cardio session this morning and am planning to do Qi Gong this afternoon which is a nice rest day combo before hitting two leg sessions tomorrow. I am planning on sticking with this program till the end of the month but have begun adding a couple of dynamic cardio training sessions to improve my conditioning which I’m sure will crank up as I get closer.

As always thank you for the questions, comments and support. Hoping to post some pics of my posing sessions later in the week or weekend.

Have a great day!