51 days out: Recap

I will admit I have been bad with my blog post consistency over the past two weeks. Now for the good news, thanks to a great support team, I have managed to be consistent with my training, meal prep and posing practice.

Despite an unruly schedule, I have followed the program and the results are beginning to show. Still a long way to go, but I am making progress. I will post update photos and readings after posing practice this week.

My training schedule for the past two weeks has looked like this:

Monday am: 45 min LISS cardio

Monday afternoon: Qi Gong

Tuesday am: 25 sets of anterior leg

Tuesday pm: 30 sets anterior leg

Wednesday am: 25 sets of back

Wednesday pm: 30 sets sets of back

Thursday am: 25 sets of chest

Thursday pm: 30 sets sets of chest

Friday am: 25 sets of posterior leg

Friday pm: 30 sets posterior leg + acupuncture

Saturday am: 10 sets of biceps, shoulders & abs +30 min Dynamic cardio training

Sunday am: 30 min Dynamic cardio training + 10 sets of biceps

I am going to continue on this schedule till the end of the month before moving to the next phase.

New apparel:Journey V2-2

I have been anxiously waiting for these! We are launching a new line of t-shirt and tank designs. Next week we will begin with our first few designs which will include the a Journey to the Stage shirts you see to the right. New designs will rotate frequently and be available  in our new Core Store beginning next week.

I will post a link when we launch.Journey Tank

Have a great night!