59 days out: The grind

They arn’t all first round draft picks – the truth is, most training days are a grind, few and far between are the days that we walk into the gym, feel like world beaters and prove it under the bar, but that’s ok – real gains are made on the days you feel like you just don’t have it.

Yesterday was one of those days for me, I just did not feel strong. Instead of making excuses and letting my male ego get the best of me, I did what the program told me to do, I put the weight on the bar, moved it and repeated the process until I completed the program. Sure my weight dropped slightly, but I stayed strict to my sets, reps, tempos and rest intervals.

I mention this because clients often say things about training “being easy for you” which is not the case at all. I am not naturally lean and ripped guy, true be told I have always looked at those guys (and girls in a way) with a bit of jealousy, they can get away with eating what they want, training occasionally and still being model lean and looking great. I, like most people, need to work harder, smarter and with more consistency to get similar results. Which means when I am faced with a day like yesterday where I just didn’t feel like I “had it in the tank” I had to muster the courage to put myself under the bar and allow myself to fail. If success is the by product of failure then I took a step in that direction yesterday.

I am scheduled to train my shoulders and upper back today, but first here is my training from yesterday:

AM Training

A1 Incline barbell bench press 9 sets 4-8 reps

B1 Flat barbell bench press 4 sets 8 reps

B2 Incline DB pivot press 4 sets 8 reps

B3 Low cable fly 4 sets 10 reps

B4 Dips 4 sets AMRAP

PM Training

A1 Barbell pivot press 10 sets 10 reps 4040 tempo

A2 Ring chin 10 sets 10 reps


Really feeling sore after the program switch on Monday, but still have a lot of progress to make so continuing to give my best effort and push through. I will check in later with a training update. Have a great day!