66 days out: Cold and flu seson

The temperature dropped considerably this week resulting in the on set of “cold and flu” season. I had several clients get tracked down by colds and started to feel it coming on myself. With the long work hours and high training volume I have been doing lately I decided to back off my training Tuesday and Wednesday and will get back at it today. In addition to backing off my training I took a course of Gan Mao Ling, a great anti viral herbal formula for the common cold, beginning Tuesday night when I felt the cold coming on. I keep a few formulas in my bag and on the ready and Gan Mao Ling is one of them, more on which formulas I recommend keeping in your own medicine kit in an upcoming post.

I was still very tired and achy yesterday, stayed home to work and recover and feel much better today.

Sometimes it can be a difficult call, avoiding the gym and work schedule when you start coming down with something but I chose to give up two days of training to potentially save 5.

Today I am planning to go back and do my leg training session from Tuesday and add some shoulder and bicep training that I missed while I play catch up.

Have a great day,