70 days out: Sunday in the gym

Weekends are my favorite days to train, it just carries a casual more laid back feel and I feel more focused during the sessions, today was no exception. I got up and worked on one my clients before his game today – Bear down! – then headed up to grab a coffee and get into my training. Today’s back training session was joined by two friends of mine who gave me a great push so I added a few sets.

One more week on this section of the program, hoping to make some good progress this week before the posing session I have scheduled next Sunday with the girls – Time to put my little briefs on and let them judge me – (sigh) – there goes my pride and ego 🙂 – Have a great Sunday.

Here’s today’s training session:

dusten back training pic 9:28

Behind the back lateral raise from today’s training with the photo credit going to Mr. Kenneth Yoder

A1 Incline wide grip pronated cable row 4×8 + drop set

B1 Neutral/fat grip lat pull down 4×8 + drop set

C1 Single Arm Dumbbell row 4×8

D1 Snatch grip Romanian dead lift 4×8

D2 Straight arm lat pull down (rope) 4×10

E1 Single arm preacher curl 4×8

F1 Single arm preacher hammer curl 4×8

G1 Incline dumbbell hammer curl 4×8

H1 Lean away cable lateral raise 4×12

I1 Single arm reverse cable fly + external rotation 4×12