71 Days out: A few end of week comments

Saturday is my only “day off” from work, but that doesn’t mean it’s a day off from training. I enjoy training on Saturday mornings, I don’t have to worry about fitting the session in between clients, conference calls etc I can take my time and enjoy the training.

chocolate hazelnut pancakes

Chocolate hazelnut protein pancakes – amazing with coffee in the am.

Today, I grabbed a coffee, had a couple of small chocolate hazelnut protein pancakes left over from last night (um…they are amazing to pair with some hot coffee after they spend the night in the fridge) and drove up to the gym and answered some emails before getting to my training session.

I had a couple people ask me about training crossfit this week, one competitor in the crossfit games wants to discuss some nutritional strategies that may improve his performance – what a cool request – I love working with people that have a goal. I also had a successful model ask for help with some dehydration techniques for an up coming shoot – which I am also excited to help with.

Now to my current goal, had a good week of training, muscle mass is increasing and body fat has maintained. I have about one more week on this section of the program before I start cutting calories. I am going to consult with a friend of mine on this topic in the next week and will post the take always from our conversation. Even coaches have coaches – we all need guidance and support – all of us. As it turns out, when you ask for help, you get it.

Here is today’s training:

A1: Leg extension 10×10

A2: Incline BB chest press: 10×10

B1: Pivot Press 10×10

B2: Incline rope crunch.

I also have a cheat meal scheduled today while I watch football, TACOS! looking forward to it. Have a great day and keep the questions and comments coming.