73 Days out: Back end of split training

I am about to hit my second session of the day:

A1 Pivot press 8×8

A1 Rope hammer curl 8×8

B1 Cable fly 8×8

B2 Cable curl 8×8

I did a relative strength session with pec and biceps as the major targets earlier for 50 min and hit legs twice yesterday. The getting ready for the 4th session in two days can be difficult mentally, I have been using herbs and UCAN carbohydrate drink to sustain energy and have been holding up pretty well despite training volume, working long days and sleeping for short periods of time each night (5-6 hours)

I was concerned that my love for protein pancakes and adding the ucan would elevate my body fat but my supra iliac reading (love “handley” region”) is holding steady around 6.5-7.5 mm which is pretty good for me. I will look to reduce that as I start cutting some calories a little over a week from now. Which brings me to a question someone asked  today regarding “over training”.

Is it possible to over train? Maybe, probably –  yes, but in my opinion, over training is like a unicorn, people talk about them, people might have an idea of what they look like, and if you hang out with a certain crowd you may even hear people say they have seen one – but you’ll never ride one – and you will probably never over train – and neither will I.

Maybe I am just not tough enough to over train or maybe it’s just that my ego gets in the way – but what ever it is, I just can’t make myself train hard enough to “over train”.

I am not saying that I don’t train hard, just that it’s really difficult to train “too hard”  – In fact – the only people I have ever seen over train are bikini competitors and its more common to see them “over cardio” than “over train” but that makes sense right?

Women are stronger than men,  have no ego and can bust through walls like termites (yes I just compared women to termites but in a good way…it’s a compliment…just not one you have heard before).

The point is – yes you can probably train beyond the point of repair – and it is possible to train too frequently but it is not easy to do. If you think you are over training, my best recommendation is to ask someone close to you (like your coach) if you are pushing too hard or pushing just enough. If you are training to hard, take a day off, get a good night sleep, have a re-feed day, balance your training with recovery sessions (like qi gong, stretching, infrared sauna, slow walking etc) and get back to crushing your training sessions.

Just remember – success is the byproduct of failure, if you don’t fail you’re not making progress….now time for me to go make progress.