75 days out: Recovery day

For some reason seeing a number like 75 days out makes it feel more real – I didn’t sleep long last night but I slept hard. I got up at 5:30 to do my low intensity steady state cardio – 4mph on a slight incline for 45 min on the treadmill, sweat more than i thought I would, felt good. I also did my Qi Gong meditation and refilled one of my herbal formulas; Chai hu, bai shao, zhi shi, zhi gan cao, yu jin, gui zhi, mo yao, ru xiang. It’s one of the two herbal formulas I have been using and I notice my energy drops, stress elevates and body feels like it is breaking down when I don’t take it.

I will be offering a new group class at Core Fitness Chicago centered around Qi Gong, meditation and flexibility when I am done training for the show – more about that in an upcoming post.

As much as I wanted to train today after seeing the “75 days out” on the calendar, It is important to stick to the program. So I stayed on point with my meal prep, did my recovery work and plan on hitting legs hard twice tomorrow.

On another note – a good friend from New Jersey told me she is going to come out for the WBFF show in December – Made my day – I am looking forward to celebrating with the entire family at the show but I have been blown away by how many of you have shown support and plan on coming out for the event – I’m truly humbled – now I just need to do my part and bring my best physique. Back in the gym tomorrow for 2 leg sessions. Night!