76 Days out: Under the weather

I have been under the weather fighting off a cold for the past few days and have let that affect my posting. I did miss a second training session or “split” twice this week but I stayed on point with my nutrition so I don’t think it set me too far behind.

On Friday I had 2 leg training sessions scheduled – but by the time I finished working with clients – and had a couple things “pop up” as they always do – My training drive was in the tank. Instead of forcing the leg training – I put it on the shelf for a day – and did a low intensity steady state cardio session and acupuncture instead. I also added Gan Mao Ling (more about this and other Herbal formulas in an upcoming Chinese Medicine post) into my herbal schedule to help fight off the cold – the combo seems to be working.

This is a strategy I use frequently with my clients at Core Fitness Chicago- Get the big things right first:

1. Complete all of your training session each week.

2. Eat all of your meals each week.

3. Complete all of your recovery sessions each week.

These three Items are the biggest hitters in making a physique change – train, eat and repair. No excuses, if you’re not doing that, the supplements, nutrient timing etc will just simply not make up for the lack of execution on the big three.

But as long as you stay true to the “big three” – we can be flexible with the order and timing on each and still deliver a result.

Here is the logic: Take my week for example, I didn’t feel well so instead of just packing it in and skipping my sessions, I basically flip flopped my training days and recovery days.

I figured if I had tried to hit legs while under the weather on Friday – it was going to push me farther into the ground and I would not be giving my best effort. If I switched my leg training to Saturday I would be able to do a recovery session on Friday and give a better leg training effort on Saturday – Which is how it played out.

Friday – LISS cardio 45 min & Acupuncture

Saturday – Leg training – all weight went up 10-20 percent from previous week.

I still got my session in, just in a different order and my effort and intensity was better for it. Sometimes we need to take a step back and make sure we are seeing the forest through the trees.

Today, Sunday – I am back to my training schedule and hope remain consistent all week.

A1 Military Press 5×6

A2 Incline dumbbell row 5×8

A3 Ring Chin 5×10

A4 Rev dumbbell fly 5×12

A4 Pivot press 5×15

Finishing with a B series of 8×8 bicep curl and rope crunch.

I am 76 days out and have two more weeks on this program before I alter it and begin cutting calories. You may also have noticed the new “Journey to the Stage” logo – we will be posting stories about other competitors on our team and their journey in the coming weeks.

We also have “journey to the stage” shirts and tanks coming to the new store soon so stay tuned. Have a great sunday