81 days out: No easy rout – Elevator out

Posting later tonight than I planned – but it was a long day. Did split leg training again, the plan stays pretty much the same for the next few weeks.

Today’s sessions were tough – had 5 hours of sleep but still managed to complete both programs – when I got home a few minutes ago, after a 15 hour day, dragging my bags and tired rear behind me, I was greeted by a simple hand written sign

“Elevator out”

It’s a great lesson, even when you don’t think you can do anymore reps – you can – you just need the proper motivation.

7 flights and 50lbs of gear later, I’m ready to surf some couch and get ready for tomorrow.

I did get a piece of good news just before my second session today – We are about a week away from launching our online store and have the first few Core Fitness Chicago & Dn t-shirt styles ready to go – I will post some pics this week – I’m excited to share them with you.

Split training on the schedule again tomorrow – Thank you to all of you that have sent kind messages of support – It’s my goal to use this project to motivate others but I often suspect I am more motivated by your messages than of support than I could possibly do for you – I am humbled – thank you again for the support.

Stay motivated,