81 days out – no reset button

We have just passed the 12 week mark – just 81 days out from the WBFF Chicago show and the theme of the week is travel. Several competitors (including myself) have been or are on the road this week which presents another level of stress when trying to keep up with a challenging food prep and training schedule.

I suspect I will be having several “pep-talk” type conversations with competitors this week as they struggle to say on the path while on the road. The biggest key to getting through a week on the road is not hitting the reset button.

When you get out of your routine it’s easy to veer off the plan – have a bad meal and let that decision snowball to a couple bad meals, missing a training session, etc. We can’t hit the reset button. If you fall off the meal plan, get right back onto it with the next meal. If you miss a training session, get right back into the gym and grind it out. Don’t wait till tomorrow and scrap today’s effort – everyday counts and though we are bound to slip-up during the prep process, we can’t let one slip-up snowball to several bad decisions. Stay strong, train hard and grind it out. Here is my training from yesterday:

My training changed a bit this week adding more volume – I am feeling the effects today, lets hope I see the effects this week.


3 sets
A1 leg press 8
A2 front squat 6
A3 back squat 5
4 sets 6-8 rep
B1 Front squat
B2 Back squat
B3 Hack squat
B4 Leg press
B5 Toe press
B6 Leg ext
4 sets
C1 Db curl 6 rep
C2 Hammer curl 8 rep
C3 Rev barbell curl 8 rep
C4 Pro chin 10
C5 Cable curl 12 rm drop set