85 days out: Squats & protein pancakes

A cool and rainy Friday – the perfect kind of day for split leg training. Lets get through the training quickly so we can talk about these pancakes.

The first session was 22 sets and 55 min:

A1 Trap bar dead lift 5×5 4010

A2 Hamstring curl 5×5 4010

B1 Cyclist Squat 4×8

B2 Sissy squat 4×8

B3 leg press 4×8

4 hours later I came back and did some higher rep work (30 min)

A1 Leg extension¬† 3×10 with triple drop sets

B1 Incline back extension 3×15

C1 Hamstring curl 3×10 with triple drop sets

D1 Forward leaning sled drag 3×30 seconds

D2 Reverse hyper 3×15

Protein Pancakes:

Now about these pancakes, I will post the full recipe with macros in the “Food for Thought” section but in the mean time – here is one of my favorite versions of the recipe:

Ingredients: (Single batch)

2 scoops (50 g) of a blended pea protein

Note: I prefer Designs for health Paleo Meal DF but you could use any brand you like. Pea protein tends to bake the best of all the proteins but can get incredibly dense – so using a protein powder that has a pea protein base but also incorporates rice, quinoa, hemp etc can reduce the density.

4 egg whites

2 tsp of vanilla extract

1 tbsp almond extract (i know its a lot but its worth it)

1 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp cinnamon

Pinch of sea salt

1 tbsp of enjoy life dairy, nut and soy free chocolate chips

Cooking Instructions:

Cinnamon almond protein pancakes

Cinnamon almond protein pancakes

Place the egg whites in a glass bowl, followed by the protein powder. With a small whisk – whip the two ingredients together, you may need a fork to get the clumps out of the whisk, but it should only take a min to get a nice smooth batter. Once smooth, drop the almond butter in and whip that as well. Once the batter is smooth, add the cinnamon and a pinch of sea salt – It will help to bring up the flavor.

Next, take a sautee pan, and enough butter to coat the bottom of the pan, if you are using a non stick pan you will need less butter, but you will need more of a lecture on why you shouldn’t be using non-stick pans – but we can save that for another post.

I like to use a medium heat on a gas stove, if you are using an electric stove – i have no idea what temperature setting to recommend and lets face it neither do you so just turn it on and see what happens.

Ok – so now that we have the butter melted in the pan, pour the mixed pancake batter into the pan. I would keep the diameter of the pancake roughly palm sized to make it easier to flip – but do what what you want – size matters differently to different people.

*THIS IS IMPORTANT* With the first pancake in the pan, sprinkle the chocolate chips and some extra cinnamon over the top – let the pancake cook for 1-2 min (you will see it rise slightly and the bottom turn a golden brown when its ready to flip) then flip it and let it cook for another min or 2 and place it on a plate to cool. (see pic)

I typically make this recipe with a dozen eggs to split with my wife – we have come to love them and create several version of this recipe. It is a simple recipe, quick and incredibly satisfying on those low carb days.

I can’t wait to see what changes, improvements and suggestions each of you come up with – so let us know how you like them and how you are making them!