86 days out: Circuit

The weather cooled off considerably today with temps in the low 60’s – starting to feel like fall – I thrive in colder weather – It usually gives me a little bump of energy, but the early mornings (5 am) and split training sessions is beginning to take its tole. Coming of back to back split training days, I welcomed the dynamic training circuit on the schedule today.

It was the 6th session of the week, short & sweet (only 30 min) and was all it took to leave me gassed – I’m excited about tomorrow – it’s Friday, back to split training and a more moderate carbohydrate intake – I’m also excited about sharing a version of the protein pancake recipe so stay tuned.

Today’s training:

5 sets – 30 min

A1 Kettle swing 30

A2 Pivot press 20

A3 Sled drag 30s

A4 Straight arm lat pull down (gironda style) 20

A5 Incline rope crunch 20