87 days out: Chest & Sauna

Sauna towel

Gross? Yeah but also effective. Think those bottles of “detox juice” can do that?

Last night after my second training session I jumped in the infrared sauna – a potent detoxification tool for those who may be unfamiliar – It only took 20 min for me to see a result, this is a pic of my towel – look at the toxins excreted through my feet! Detoxification = fat loss,  And is an important part of the process. I used a custom Chinese herbal formula and some anti-oxidants to aid in the process last night and will try to continue to add a sauna into my recovery at least once a week.

I am still a few weeks from cutting my calories but taking the steps with meal consistency, training frequency and recovery process –  like detoxification support, herbs and supplements – will help to get me as far as I can go before I begin cutting calories.

Today was another double session:

A1 Barbell Bench 5×5

A2 Preacher curl 5×5

B1 Incline dumbbell chest press 4×6

B2 Incline fat grip dumbbell curl 4×8

C1 Weighted dips 3×10

C2 Low cable fly 3×10 4040

Came back later for a second session with higher reps and more volume

A1 Military Press 4×8 (drop sets)

A2 Pivot press 4×8 4040

B1 Ring Chins 4×10

B2 Cable fly 4×10 4040

C1 Dips 4xAMRAP

C2 Close grip decline push up 4XAMRAP