88 days out: Split leg training

Two leg sessions on the schedule today which means I typically increase my carb consumption but that does not mean I went crazy – Today my meal planning looked like this:

Meal 1: 5 egg whites / 4 oz grill pork chop / 3 brazil nuts / greens drink

Meal 2: 5 oz grilled chicken thighs / 4 oz roasted sweet potato

Meal 3: 5 oz grilled pork chop/ Kale salad with oil oil and lemon juice

Meal 4: 4 oz grilled pork chop/ 4 oz roasted sweet potato

Training 1 (peri workout – beta alanine & bcaa)

Meal 5: Post workout shake: Protein 60g Carb 40g Fat 7g

Meal 6: 4 oz grilled chicken thigh / 4 oz roasted sweet potato

Training 2 (peri workout bcaa)

Meal 7: 6 oz grilled salmon / 4 oz whipped sweet potato / 8 oz sauteed green beans

It can be tough to get up for the second training, especially after working all day. I took a little extra time to clear my mind tonight and enjoy an iced coffee before the second session. Here’s what today’s training looked like:

Today’s training:

The first had a relative strength feel to it: (40 min)

A1 Barbell back squat 5×5

A2 Glute ham raise 5×6

B1 Romanian Dead lift 4×6

B2 Leg press 4×8 (4040)

B3 Toe press 4×12

The second session was a little more taxing on the cardio vascular system. (35 min)

A1 Leg extension 3×10 (drop sets)

B1 Gorsha split squat 3×20

C1 Hip thrust 3×20

D1 Barbell front squat 3×15

D2 Backward leaning sled drag 3×30 sec

I appreciate all the comments, questions and support – really helpful when your trying to find the motivation for that second training session – keep em coming! – Dusten@corefitnesschicago.com