89 days out: Early start

Today was an early start – The 5 am wake up call we intended was expedited by our daughter – who thought we should be up around 430. She got to go back to sleep, we unfortunately did not.

My schedule forces Monday to be my “off day” from training. I did an early AM low intensity cardio session for 30 min &  also added 30 min of qi gong meditation and made an herbal formula this afternoon to help me through my training schedule this week.

Tuesday’s are scheduled to be split leg training days so having a shorter work day on Monday (12 hours) and not training helps.

The show is now less than 3 months away – It feels a long way off until I look at all the progress I still need to make. My goal for the next month is to be consistently consistent. Stay on the training schedule, keep up with meal prep, and remain consistent with my effort – Now if we can just get our daughter to be consistent with her sleep…

Temptation on a plate

Temptation on a plate

Oh and one more thing – my wife owns an allergen free cookie company – she sent me this photo of a new product they are sampling at a food show today -Gluten Free Gelato Sandwich….thanks hon – looks great – maybe you could bring those back around on a high carb/cheat meal day?