9 weeks out: Track, Training & Tacos

9 weeks out as of yesterday and though every nook and cranny is beginning to ache we have continued push through to complete each training session.

We are tracking our macros more closely each week as we get closer to the WBFF show and after 5-days of “low carb’ dieting this week, we increased our carb intake on Saturday. Kenneth was relieved to add oatmeal, rice and tortilla shells (aka tacos) to the 3rd, 4th and 5th meals of the day – at least that’s what he told me he ate…we will see if he’s lying in his readings this week, more on that this week.

Last week we started our cardio training which will continue to increase in frequency and intensity as we get closer to July 18th. Here’s a clip from Saturday’s track session:

A: 100 yard sprint – 100 yard walk/jog (20 min)

B: Steady state jogging (20 min)

We came back in the afternoon to complete our pec and deltoid session:

4 sets

A1. BB flat bench press 6-8

A2. DB incline press 6-8

A3. Seated db shoulder press 16

3 sets

B1. BB flat bench press 6-8

B2. Rotating db flat bench press 6-8

B3. BB pivot press 16

C1. BB lateral raise 8

C2. Reverse bb fly 8

C3. Javelin press (ng bb) 16

Things are beginning to heat up as the days count town, be sure to follow our progress on the Journey to the Stage with NBC http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/stride/

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