90 days out: Sunday training

I am 90 day’s out from the show and beginning to tighten my training and nutrition into form. Yesterday was a day off from work, but not an off day in the gym. I always try to train on cheat meal days – and yesterday I at the grass fed beef stew and biscuit recipe posted in the “Food for Thought” blog – I almost puked it up while watching the Michigan/ND game, but that’s another story.

Today is a low carb day & a food prep day so I’ll be in the kitchen for the rest of the afternoon prepping for the weeks meals, hoping to make some steady progress this week – consistently consistent is the goal!

Here’s today’s training: (60 min training)

Dynamic cardio circuit with additional drops sets on my quads, deltoids and biceps all of which need extra work in my opinion.

5 sets each A1-5

A1 Kettle swing 30 rep

A2 Dumbbell shoulder press 25 rep

A3 Leg press 25 rep

A4 Pivot press 25 rep

A5 Hanging leg raise 20 rep

B1 Leg extension 2 sets 10 reps + drop sets

B2 Dumbbell hammer curl 2 sets 10 reps + drop sets

B2 Lateral Raise 3 sets 10 reps + drop sets