92 days out: Shoulder training & the weekend plan

This week has been a bit of a grind, and thought my stress has been very high, and my sleep has been short, I was much more consistent with my food prep this week and got my training in to this point – but it was not easy. No one said it would be easy, and I am not expecting it to be, but I am looking forward to my schedule normalizing next week and being more regimented.

Today I managed to do my shoulder training session, kept it to 45 min and packed it up. Tomorrow is my day off from work, I am planning on doing some volume training in the am before I watch some college football games. I am also planning a cheat meal for tomorrow night (Beef stew and gluten free biscuits). I will post the recipe on the “Food for Thought” blog tonight.

In the mean time, here’s the training from today:

A1 reverse dumbbell fly 3×10 (drop sets)

B1 Straight arm lat pull down 3×10 (drop sets)

C1 Lateral raise 4×8

C2 Incline dumbbell row pronated grip 4×8

D1 Rotating dumbbell shoulder press 4×10

E1 Military press 4×15