93 days: Making gains and new friends

We continue to receive tremendous support for the transformation documentary. It’s really been overwhelming to see how many people are following this story and not just following our progress but using it to inspire their own transformation.

kenneth after training

Kenneth exploring his options on the floor after his session

Yesterday we had the pleasure of sharing our afternoon session with Anthony Ponce from NBC for an upcoming story on the transformation process. Kenneth probably didn’t enjoy the afternoon as much as me and Anthony but he did do a remarkable job pushing through the nausea inducing program.

We will be back with the cameras at gym tonight to finish out our weekday training and keep pushing this transformation train down the tracks. Kenneth as already made great progress – 1 month into his program he has dropped appx. 4 percent body fat and had added a little muscle with a net drop of 6 lbs in just over 28 days and is on pace to reach his goal – but there is still a long road ahead.

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Here is Kenneth’s program from yesterday:

A1 Barbell back squat 5×12

A2. Push press 5X12

A3. Barbell deadlift 5×12

A4. Pro grip lat pull down 5×15

A5. Incline reverse rope crunch 5×20

Rest 120 seconds