93 days out: Training tired

Training tired today – Worked another 16 hour day yesterday – had 6 hours of mediocre sleep last night (kid was up screaming a bit) so felt a little swimmy when I got up to go to two work. It’s the way it goes sometimes, have to rise above it an get a good session in anyway.

I added UCAN complex carb with pea protein & beta alanine & electrolyte pack before training before training today to give me a boost. The macros equate to appx 30g protein, 40g carb (1g sugar) and 2g fat. Intra workout was just essential and branch chain aminos & a post workout shake as usual.  I am planning on doing some low intensity steady state cardio tonight for about 40 min to clear my head while I watch/listen to a game – more about reducing stress and managing cortisol than taxing my cardiovascular system.

Today’s training

A1 Bent over barbell row 5×5

A2 Sup grip chin 5×5

B1 SA dumbbell row 5×8

B2 Incline cable row 5×8

B3 Pronated grip chin 5xAMRAP 4040

I added some volume training after:

C1 Ring chins 8×8

C2 Back extension 8×20