95 Days out: Split training & meal prep

I mentioned yesterday that my training schedule is still off a bit till next Monday – but that doesn’t mean my food prep needs to be off as well – I spend 4 hours yesterday gathering and cooking my food for the next 3 days. I find that meal prep on Sundays and Wednesdays work best for me – it improves my meal consistency and is reflected in my caliper readings and training intensity – as it turns out adequate nutrition improves performance and body comp – who knew? –  someone should write a book on that.

This week I prepped chicken thighs, pork chops and some grass fed strip steak that was on sale – I typically add grilled shrimp into the mix but it takes a bit more time and effort so I decided to wait on the shrimp till later in the week. I will add kale salad to each container 4x per day, add a post workout shake, and protein pancakes in the evening a few days and see how it affects my caliper readings.

Here is today’s training:

Am session: 22 sets 45 min

A1 Barbell Back Squat 5×5

A2 Glute ham raise 5×6

B1 Romanian Dead lift 4×6

B2 Leg Press 4×8

B3 Hamstring Curl 4×8


Evening Session: 25 sets

5 sets each

A1 Leg Press 10-12

A2 Hamstring curl 10-12

A3 Leg extension 10-12 (drop set)

A4 Reverse hyper 10-12

A5 Sled drag 1 min

3 min rest