96 Days out: Chest training

A little late making this post – my schedule is thrown off a bit by the holiday (labor day) but did manage to get a chest session in. I am hoping to settle into my normal training routine beginning next Monday – in the mean time, just need to be as consistent as possible.

Chest training:

A1 Barbell bench press 5×5

A1 Preacher curl 5×5

B1 Pivot PRESS 4X10 4040

B2 SA dumbbell hammers curl on preacher 4×8

C1 Dips 3×12

C2 Low position cable fly 3×12

C3 Cable curl 3×12

I was concerned about my ability to train again in the evening so I added some rep work to this workout – 8 sets each no rest between exercises, 45-60 between sets.

D1 Decline push up AMRAP

D2 HS Curl 10 RM

D3 Hanging reverse garhammer AMRAP