99 Days Out

It’s Friday afternoon 99 days out from the show and I am till working my way back into stride after being sick earlier in the week. I dropped 7.5 lbs in 5 days – some fat, some muscle and some loss of fluid from dehydration. Let me be clear, I’m not celebrating the drop in body mass, part of proper prep trying to maintain enough muscle mass that so that when I “cut” towards the show day I don’t end up on sage looking like a wet dog. So basically operated at a significant caloric deficit for a few days – similar to peek week, but this wasn’t peek week :).

The good news is, I should be able to gain back the lost mass in the next week but it will take some effort over the next 5-7 days to get my caloric intake and training intensity back to normal.

My carb intake has been higher than normal in the past couple of days. I have been eating¬† around 250g per day which is more than usual unless it’s leg day or a bad day – hey I have feelings too – when I get stressed I feel like eating sluty carbs.

Unfortunately for me, I am not a genetic freak that can eat what he wants and say lean. I need to keep carbs relatively low to stay lean. For me, 150-200g range with normal training seems to work well with a few exceptions of course.

Here is my training from today give it a go – stay strong and motivated & have a great weekend!


A. Reverse cable fly 5X 8-10

B. Incline NG DB row 4×8

C. Incline Pro grip DB row 4×8

D. NG Lat pull down 4×8 drop sets

E. Wide pro grip lat pull down 4×8 drop sets

F. Straight arm lat pull down 4×10 drop sets

G1 close pronated grip chin 3×10

G2 reverse barbell curl 3×10

H1 Dumbbell hammer curl 3×10

H2 high cable biceps curl 3×10