Journey to the Stage: Announcement

I am excited to announce a new project! Journey to the Stage.

Over the next 15 weeks I will be posting written, video and photo blogs documenting the process as a coach and competitor for the 2014 WBFF show in Atlantic City. The process will include some wonderful behind the scenes access with photo journalist Maggie Rife-Ponces documenting training and treatment sessions as well as some motivational guest appearances by some of the best names in the industry. Follow the journey on this blog, instagram, twitter & facebook

August 25th Starting Point:

Physique wise, I am starting from 184.2 lbs with the following caliper readings:

Chin: 3.5

Cheek: 7.2

Pec: 2.8

Triceps: 5.6

S-Scap: 5.6

Mid Ax: 4.8

Supra: 7

Umbilical: 5

Knee: 4.5

Calf: 2.6

Quad: 7.8

Hamstring: 8.6

Sum 12 site: 65.9

Lean Mass: 174.7

We have 15 weeks to get those numbers into show shape – stay tuned for the training programs, recipes, supplements and other product I will use on the The Journey to the Stage.