Journey to the Stage: WBFF Chicago

16 week update:

Our team is 16 weeks out from the much anticipated WBFF Chicago show at the Harris Theater, Saturday, July 18th. We are beginning to count our macros and dial in our food prep as we continue to tighten things in from now till the show.

Over the net 16 weeks we have a film crew from Quriosity Productions following us as we prep our team for the big show. We had a fun “before” shoot with the talented Maggie Rife-Ponce and crew last week to document our starting points and have worked hard on our food prep and training this week to get those transformations moving. “Before Shoot” Confessional.

Hope to have some pics to share next week.

I got up at 5 today to finish my food prep and get a quick 20 min cardio session in before seeing clients and working in the clinic. Just a 40 min shoulder session on the schedule today, looked like this:


some of the veggies I prepped for my meals today

A Pronated reverse cable fly 4×8 drop set

B Seated lateral raise 4×8 drop set

C Arnold press 4×8

D Upright rope row 3×15

E Military press 4×8 drop set

F Seated dumbbell shoulder press 3×20

Off day tomorrow with just some walking and stretching before getting back in the gym Sunday. Have a great Friday!