Mocha Shake

This is one of my favorite post workout shake recipes -I will be offering most of the supplements mentioned in the shake recipe in our store – set to launch soon so keep your eyes peeled.

One more thing, I do not recommend using ANY protein blend using carrageenen – some studies suggest it may cause intestinal inflammation which is not conducive to the type of repair and anabolic recovery we hope to achieve by consuming our post workout shake. So read your labels, be cautious and make your own decisions.


The Mocha Shake

2 scoops vanilla whey isolate protein

2 scoops chocolate whey & pea protein blend

1 scoop of Poliquin wellness greens (Espresso flavor)

I also often add 1 tbsp of IgG & Glutamine

Here’s how I make it:

8-10 oz of water in a blender.

Next pour protein powder into blender and pre blend/mix the powder into the water.

With the protein and water mixed, start the blender again and begin adding ice to taste.

*It is also nice to add a touch of salt – brings up the flavor of the chocolate and helps with post workout hydration.