Post show routine


Desert shoot with Dan Galic – Production shot credit to Kenneth Yoder

The days after a show can be as overwhelming as the days leading up to the big event. Of course there are some obvious difference, but the thought that once you walk off that stage you have cleared your challenges like a Kentucky show horse is off base.

I got back to Chicago this week after 6 action packed days in Las Vegas. Every minute spent in Vegas was scheduled, training, shooting, eating, posing, sleeping etc – there wasn’t a moment of down time leading up to the show and after the show, I had come celebrating to do! So getting back to the reality of food prep, training and work was an arduous task.

Don’t get me wrong, I love coaching and training – it’s not just my job it’s my passion, but it can still be difficult to transition from the excitement of a post show celebration (or even a vacation) on the Strip back to your day-to-day routine. Here are a couple tips to help you with a successful transition the next time you find yourself in this situation:

1. Establish a training schedule: This may sound remedial, but the sooner you can get back to a level or normalcy in the gym, the quicker you will acclimate back to your normal routine. Reduce the training volume and frequency but get back in a routine.

2. Meal prep: One of the hardest things to do after a show or vacation is stopping the “binge train” in its tracks. Do not get discouraged if you have a hard time feeling motivated to stay as precise with your nutrition as you did before your show, but having a plan and trying to hit that target will keep you closer to the mark.

3. Get back to a deficit as soon as possible: The duration of a “reverse diet” after a show is largely dependent on your individual biochemistry, the length of your cut and the degree to which you cut your calories in the first place. Some people do not need to reverse at all, others need to be as precise about their reverse diet as they were with their pre-show prep. Your coach should be able to help you with your precise plan – but having a plan is a good first step.


Trying to look cool in 110 degree desert heat with WBFF Pros (from left to right) Dara, Kristian and Lynn – Lucky guy, sometimes it pays to go to work

4. Sleep: The fastest way to recover from an incredibly catabolic process is to engage in the most anabolic activity you can – Sleep. If you don’t have time to take naps, I strongly recommend adding an hour to your sleep schedule – preferably by moving your bed time up an hour so you add an extra hour of sleep prior to midnight.

5. Spend some time with friends and family: Chances are they haven’t seen you much lately, and assuming they still want to see you, spending quality time with your friends and family will go a long way toward nurturing your spirit and help you recover from your show journey.

Thank you again for all of your support! We had a great time in Las Vegas and are ready to turn our sights on our next goal. Team Dn is currently prepping for WBFF Hollywood on October 17th! For more info about post show strategy or to start your own show prep contact me:

Yours in health,