Today’s chest session

Just finished a great session with my training partner – was feeling wrecked from two consecutive days of splits so only one session today before I go boating tonight.

A1 Barbell bench press flat 4010 tempo, 5×5 + drop set

A2 Preacher curl 4010 tempo, 5×5+drop set

B1 Pivot press 4 sets, 60 seconds (4040 tempo)

B2 Seated dumbbell hammer curl 4 sets, 12 reps 2010 tempo

C1 Cable fly 3 sets 12 reps + drop set (into)

C2 Decline close grip push 3 sets  up to failure (into)

C3 Cable curl 3 sets of 10-12 (into)

C4 Dips 3 sets AMRAP

55 min total. Great pump. Now time to grab my shake and hit the water.